《参加者体験談〜One chance, one meeting〜》


I’m Nanami Sasaki and I’m a Tokai University student form Sapporo. I’d like to tell you about a cultural exchange event involving people from Japan, Thailand, and Sweden. The theme of the event was KIMONOS. I had a really great time at the event, and I’d like to tell you about my experience.




【Hokkaido Shrine 北海道神宮】

day 1 , 05012017_9859_1.jpg

All the participants put on KIMONO and then went to Hokkaido Shrine. We prayed to the Gods at this shrine. I prayed for happiness and health for the coming year. We were surprised that there were so many working people who also came to pray. After that we took a picture front of the main gate to the shrine. Everyone looked very beautiful wearing their kinono and I felt fresh because I worshipped together with people from Thailand and Sweden for the first time.



【Photo rally in Otaru 小樽でフォトラリー】

My group took many pictures. We ate a seafood rice bowl at lunch time and after that we got into small groups. The challenge was to find various places in Otaru and take a picture with our group members. I’m form Sapporo, but I live quite near Otaru. When I was child, I often went to Otaru so I knew many of the places for the photo rally. In Otaru, if the weather is sunny, the ocean looks beautiful. I recommend Otaru in the spring because there are cherry trees in blossom.




【Rice balls for dinner 夕食はみんなでおにぎり作り!】

We cooked rice balls for dinner. It was fun time and we ate very tasty rolled egg and spicy chicken. It difficult to shape the rice balls into a triangle, but we had fun trying! I think this event contents was a great success because we Japanese could explain parts of our culture to Thais and Swedes. Moreover, I could get to know Japanese culture a little better! On a different day, the roles were reversed, and the Thais taught us about Thai food. It was a win-win situation all round!


Thanks a lot to everybody たくさんのありがとう。



【One Chance, One Meeting 一期一会】

I had a great time with everyone and I’ll never forget the memories I made. Of all these memories, one of the happiest is that everybody remembered my name. I know it’s nothing special, but it made me really happy. I think more people should join this event because this it is a really valuable experience and you can enjoy a great time. Finally, I’d like to that all the staff members and everyone involved for making this great event happen!